Who's Who


SCAA Officers

3D Circuit Director            

Emmett Tyree

(864) 643-7490  eatyree3@gmail.com

Emmett started competing in South Carolina in 1992. He has lately only been competing at the regional and state tournaments with many state championships in those shoots. On the National level, he has won several ASA tournaments.  His best year, 2001,  he finished third in ASA SOY and 2nd at the Classic in Atlanta Georgia. He has been the Secretary for Keowee Bowmen since 1993.  


Tracy Sancic     843-997-9762    Tracysancic@gmail.com

Tracy has been shooting in the SCAA for four seasons and holds the state record for the 900 round in Women’s Bowhunter.

SCAA/NFAA Director

Beth Anctil  843-340-2357  Wildchildarchery@gmail.com

Beth has been competing in various disciplines of archery for 20 years.  She competes in both local and state competitions in NFAA, USAA, and ASA.  She holds the current state record in her division for the SCAA Vegas tournament. She has worked with NASP for nearly a decade as an official and holds level 3 coaching certification with US Archery.  You can learn so much more about her at her website wildchildarchery.com .

Webmaster, Secretary/Treasurer

Dayton Colie  843-532-5133  ratchetblock@gmail.com

1925 Treebark Dr. - Charleston SC 29414

Dayton started competing in 2013. He quickly discovered the fun and began  shooting in the regional and state tournaments. He enjoys shooting 3D and spots tournaments with his daughters.  He has been webmaster since 2015.

We would like to acknowledge those that promote archery in South Carolina-David Shirley, ASA State Director; Sheila Tadlock, S3DA State Director; Conrad Smith, Bowhunters of SC; all the schools in the state that support NASP; and the archery shops, groups, or archery coaches. Thank you all you do to support us, our clubs, and archers in the state.

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