2010 Schedule and Results

Clubs Tournaments listed in Green
SCAA State Tournaments listed in Red
NFAA Sectional & National Tournaments listed in Blue


January 9-10 Swamp Fox Foam Killer Kick Off  30 3-D     SCORES
January 16 Saluda River - One Day All Traditional      SCORES
January 16-17 Sandune 3D     SCORES
January 23-24 Keowee 3D - Two Day Open; 3D Freeze     SCORES
January 23-24 Wateree 3D     SCORES

January 29-31 Keowee SCAA VEGAS INDOOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Indoor only)      SCORES
                                                Shotgun start (Fri. 7pm, Sat. &Sun. 9am, 11am, 2pm, Sat. only 4pm)


February 6-7 Sandune 3D     SCORES
February 6-7 THB 3D     SCORES
February 13-14 TAB 3D     SCORES
February 13-14 Wateree 3D
February 20-21 Swamp Fox - Chili Bowl   Lower State Championship 25 3-D
                             Shotgun Start Sat. and Sun. 9 AM and 1 PM     SCORES
February 20-21 NFAA Vegas
February 26-28 Keowee THE SCAA 600 INDOOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Indoor only)    SCORES
                                                          Shotgun start (Fri. 7pm, Sat. &Sun. 9am, 1pm, Sat. only 4pm


March 6-7 Wateree 3D     SCORES
March 6-7 Keowee 3D - Two Day Open; Chiller
March 13-14 NFAA Sectional Indoor FL, KY, GA, NC
March 13-14 Swamp Fox -
Turkey Tune-up 30 3-D     SCORES
March 13-14 THB 3D      SCORES

March 13-14 NFAA Sectional Indoor NC
March 20-21 Sandune State International & Club 3D     SCORES INT.     SCORES 3D
March 20-21 NFAA National Indoor, KY
March 27-28 Saluda River 3D     SCORES


April 10-11 Sandune 3D     SCORES
April 10-11 NFAA Sectional 3D
April 17-18 THB 3D     SCORES
April 17-18 Swamp Fox -
Spring Fling 30 3-D      SCORES
 April 24-25 Saluda River 3D     SCORES


May 1-2 THB State 900 & Club 3D     SCORES
May 15-16 TAB State Hunter & Club 3D

May 22-23 Keowee 3D - Two Day Open; Classic     SCORES
May 22-23 Swamp Fox -
Swamp Thing 30 3-D     SCORES
May 29-30 Saluda River 3D     SCORES
May 29-30 NFAA Sectional Field FL, KY, NC


June 5-6 Sandune 3D     SCORES
June 12-13 Keowee - Upper State 3D     STATE SCORES     CHALLENGER
June 19-20 Swamp Fox - Summer Shootout 30 3-D     SCORES
June 19-20 Saluda River 3D     SCORES
June 26-27 THB 3D     SCORES
June 26-27 TAB All Traditional 3D     SCORES


July 3-4 TAB 3D     SCORES
July 10-11 NFAA Sectional 3D KY, FL
July 10-11 Alternative State Shoot Date
July 17-18 Keowee - State Field & Club 3D     FIELD SCORES     3D SCORES
July 24 Swamp Fox - 
Bowhunter Jamboree 30 3-D     SCORES
July 24-25 Saluda River 3D     SCORES


August 7-8 Keowee 3D - Two Day Open; Bowhunter Jamboree     SCORES
August 14-15 TAB 3D     SCORES
August 21-22 THB 3D
September 11-12 Sandune - Final State 3D      SCORES
September 25-26 Sandune - All Traditional 3D      SCORES


              ASA Shoots

ASA Website

2010 Pro/Am Location & Dates

Gainesville, FL Feb 5 7
Columbus, GA
Mar 5 7
Paris, TX Mar 26 - 28
Augusta, GA Apr 23-25
London, KY Jun 4 - 6
Metropolis, IL June 25 - 27
West Monroe, LA July 29 Aug 1


For specific information regarding shoots, please visit the hosting club's web site.

Club Representatives: Following shoots, please send in scores as soon as possible.
The preferred method is to email scores to Jerry Williams at jerry@scbeach.net. and Mark Coates at 1jonmark1@bellsouth.net
If emailing is not possible, please mail to: 505 Luttie Road Myrtle Beach, SC 29588.

Every effort will be made to post scores in a timely manner. If you submit scores and they are not posted within 48 hours, please call Jerry Williams at (843)293-0927.

Final Shooter of the Year and State 3-D Champion
 2010  SOY Standings            2010 State 3-D Champion Standings

State Championship Notes for 2010:

The State 3-D Champion Competition will be governed as follows:

1. A competitor must compete in at least one of the first two state 3D tournaments

(upper state or lower state) plus the final state 3D tournament.

2. The total score of the higher of the first two plus the final will determine the State 3D Champion.

3. The (2) 3D scores plus the top four target scores will count toward SOY totals.

4. All  Scores will be a ratio to a standard score of 900 for each event.